Press On (Creating Coalitions Through Cross-Cultural Communication)

Linoleum block print on Tyvek



In collaboration with Martin Castro, Jessica Chan, Jonathan Chao, Shauna Moses, Salvador Muñoz, and Angie Shen.

A large scale print made using a steamroller in 2012. The print depicts several balls of yarn locked in chains, each with a lock labeling an –ism. The yarn is being weaved into a large quilt by hands that are reaching from the sky. The strands being woven into the quilt have text written on them that correspond to a historically significant victory against the oppressive –isms. The idea behind the content of this mural-like print is to visually represent how liberation from oppression has to be fought for all people at once, not just for some. The print itself measures 25 feet long and 5 feet tall, the largest print ever created on a University of California campus.